Everything “Black” people need to know about Vitamin-D and COVID-19 prevention. Brothers and sisters, get Vitamin D, by any means necessary.

As COVID-19 snuffs the shit out of America, our people are suffering the worst. Our surgeon general, who is ostensibly Black, told us to watch our drink and smoke. Physicians associated with our president insisted that high COVID-19 death rates in the Black community was due to the fact that we were essential workers — or some shit.

I write to you now, with the knowledge that our government knew that we would suffer from this virus. …

The burgeoning Black travel group represents billions in tourism. The question is, have passport stamps become a status symbol?

My people have an unhealthy obsession with Air Jordans. We’ve stood in line, fought, and even died for the two threes. Since the days of The Fresh, we’ve wanted to be like Mike, even if it means murdering a nigga.

In the world of Black Americas, Jordans are more than just a sneaker. For those that obtain the ruby slippers, subconsciously they’ve transcended the overall plight of Black America, clicking their heels past poverty, mediocrity and the stain of slavery.


The story of a legendary graffiti mural that inspired a high school and a community.

In the late 1970s, Andrew Jackson High School spoke failure and inferior education to New York City. The predominately Black student body was the refuse of Jamaica, Queens.

However, in 1980, a little lady from Philadelphia would draw on her faith in graffiti and request the assistance of a group of kings. These kings would echo a message to the students and the community. While the world was concentrated on style wars in the Bronx, a kingdom was being established.

A message that didn’t go…

Here is what New Yorkers Need to know about people who panhandle. All of them are full of shit. I know. I’ve been homeless twice.

You’re sitting in a subway car. Your mind is on work, love, music, or whatever.

As the doors close, someone enters and instead of looking for a seat, this person, whatever race, whatever gender, starts there rehearsed soliloquy.

“Ladies and gentlemen, sorry to bother you. My name is Blase Blah.
I’m currently living in a shelter, yadda yadda yadda. …

Hall of fame martial artist Karriem ABdAllah is working on a film about his life. He’s looking for talent to help him complete his project. Do you have what it takes to be The Last Red Belt?

Hall of fame martial artist, Karriem ABdAllah, the first Black man to create his own martial art system, The KA System, has teamed with a group of filmmakers for a biopic film about his life. He’s looking for talented actors and martial artists to bring the film THE LAST RED BELT to life. …

That sports network, aired a special, discussing the so-called art behind “The Crossover.” What the network missed, was the culture behind the move. Truthfully, this happens when your show’s producer is a mountain climber who plays an electric guitar.

God Shammgod

A couple of weeks ago, that sports network, that can’t seem to get anything right these days, except when being Undefeated — they had a special that spoke on “The Crossover.” Ostensibly, the move that is used by basketball players to fool a defender and move in another direction.

The problem is, there is a culture associated with the move, and…

The checks were long and green. However, after a decade of slinging ones and zeros, I moved on. Here’s why.

This would have been me if I stayed in I.T.

I was at some pharmaceutical company in Jersey. The one that makes some of your favorite products. I vividly remember looking at the surrounding grey cubicles, that made me feel like I should expect a call from Morpheus at any moment.

That same day, I took a good look at my coworkers who were in the mid-40s, with children, mortgages, grey hair and other adult people shit.

I was around 27 years of age and I asked myself: “What the…

In 2016, Youtube Blogger Troy Nguyen dropped a video, exposing the unspoken truth about the majority of White men who live in Asia. The Internet fired back, but it was too late. Troy exposed everyone who was a Loser Back Home.

Welcome To The Greatest Place On Earth

Back in 2013, the day after I touched down in Beijing, my host invited some of his homies over. They instantly became my new fake friends. I slightly knew my host, a large brother who obsequiously shined his pearly whites for his Caucasian friends.

I concealed my concern, which was legit, and then got on my journalist shit, asking…

On the other side of the map, life isn’t a vacation. The film, Lost in Translation speaks truthfully about life abroad, and it isn’t all glamorous.

When I talk to people about travel and actually living in a foreign country, one of the first films that come to mind is Lost in Translation. I reference the film’s authenticity because the average tourist, the person who goes somewhere and stays in a hotel for one week, this person has an inaccurate mental reference about living in a foreign country.

The film, starring Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray, speaks on the truths…

It wasn’t his best film, but probably most genuine. It inspired many to travel. I’m one of them. Hopefully, you’ll take a trip and find your beach.

I hated Leonardo Dicaprio until I saw The Beach. At the end of the 20th century, he was the pretty boy Hollywood actor. Whenever his name was mentioned on television or on the net, women would go apeshit, and my attention went elsewhere.

But after I saw The Beach, excuse me, after I experienced The Beach, Dicaprio was my homeboy. Let me rewind this track, about 20 years.

Around 9/11

I was working…


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